Monday, 22 March 2010

Top of the world ma, top of the world.

You see, be patient and things will happen.

I am pleased to announce Howard Chadwick will be playing Brian in our new, brand spanking show Knife Edge.

See you in April at the Lowry....

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

As promised, here are names of the cast for Knife Edge thus far. We are still negotiating for the part of Brian so I'll keep you in the loop later this week - hopefully.
John Elkington plays Alan. John is a class act, he's just finished a four month stint at the Nottingham Playhouse and I know we are very lucky to have him. As are we to secure the services of Jill Myers. Jill will play Jane (I tell you characters name forgetting that its never been seen yet and most of you don't know who I'm talking about). In the role of Danny is Nicky Bell a very talented young man with a lot to do. I know from all the theatre's I've spoken to that pre-sales are very good, so pull your finger out and buy a seat, you're going to find it very, very frightening.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Knife Edge

What would you do if your son were murdered and you knew who did it? Like James Bulgar's Mum and Dad or the family of Rhys Jones. I have heard said from scores of people the line "Give me five minutes in a room and I'll sort them out". But let's say the rules changed and you were allowed to be locked in a room with a murderer - what would you really do? What if you challenge them, in front of your community to a duel to the death, an eye for an eye?
Knife Edge by Mark Whiteley opens at the Lowry before touring nationally later this spring.
I hope you find it interesting

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bad News

I've got some bad news I'm afraid. I have just heard the unfortunate news that the Arts Council have cut our funding for Knife Edge, this makes the process of making a fantastic, innovative piece of theatre very difficult, but not impossible. I spent last weekend deep in self pity and bemoaning every one and every thing. This is good for a day or two but doesn't get things done. On Monday I picked myself up, dusted myself down and started what a good (I use that word loosely of course) producer has to do when the sh*t hits the fan - I started hustling.

I have had to cut back, but somehow I have managed to keep hold of my director, Adam Sunderland (nominated for TMA award this year) and so far 50% of my cast (I'll tell you when I've contracted them). This is testament to both Adam and the script. I have managed to make the sums add up, but I really need your help. Because of the shortfall I need bums on seats to survive. Losing our funding will have no bearing on the quality of this performance, it just means we have to be more inventive - but the arts are good at that.

So please, tell your friends, book a ticket and come and support the arts.

Thank you for your support