Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spread the love.

I was thinking about Jesus the other day and it got me wondering about being a great human being. Imagine living like Jesus. Not miracles or God or the acres of written material about a man, but being selfless, simple, at one.

Imagine living your life like that. Imagine having no money only faith that things will come, food will come, shelter will come, everything you need will come. Imagine just putting good into the world, to give freely and to receive freely.

Ten years ago I walked across the country with nothing, no money, accommodation or food, for the simple reason that it would make a good adventure story for the kind of theatre I work in. What we discovered is that people are great. People love people and if you scratch the surface you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

When we did our adventure we had nothing but a rehearsed show, we were travelling minstrels if you like and we offered our comedy freely to groups, families, anyone we met on the road. After our performance we would tell the audience what we were doing and 100% of the time someone would take us home and look after us. In fact I put a stone in weight on with all the cooked breakfasts and good living.

After the first week we ditched everything that we thought we needed, because you quickly learn that stuff is heavy and if you ever needed something you had to just ask and most days someone would help you. Stuff, luggage, possessions slow you down, by the end of our cross country walk we had nothing only the clothes we stood up in and a spare pair of underpants and socks. Life was simple and easy.

When I write a story I have a strong moral compass to point my audience the way I think life is better. Life, like my stories is simple, but we sometimes look too hard and find too many problems instead of looking at the wonderful world we all share.

Suffering comes from three places.
1. Loss

Appreciate and Enjoy
Learn and Grow
Love, Give, and Be Grateful