Tuesday, 17 September 2013

who to work for.

Who do you please?

Your audience?  The punters?

Your Director to ensure you get another job after this one?


So having answered that I ask myself for whom should I write stories for?  If you are happy with your work, someone somewhere will probably enjoy it and will get some kind of insight.

This is a short blog, a bite from the Englishman, if you can make things happen get in touch as my strength grows and my ambitions broaden.

In the end all we have is the past, so we must work hard for the future to write that past.

The V's have it!

When, at 27 I went to London to become an Actor I was full of passion for my art.  I learnt under Dr Adrian James at Arts Educational about being an artist, not just a puppet on the telly.  We worked for 12 hours a day and talked about Chekov, Shakespeare and Brecht.  We wore masks, bought costumes from charity shops and created characters from animals.  Back then I wanted to change the world, to explore to make art for everyone.

So, 20 years later what has happened to the young man with Nottingham accent?  I will tell you, he conformed.  He sold out and got fat off television adverts and bit parts in pointless TV dramas.  He spent all his time and energy trying to get jobs, writing letters when he could have written art.

Don't get me wrong, I do think I have done a bit to open other's eyes to the vast world of creativity, but I should be doing more.

The point - all you young artists reading this listen up, because before you know life will take over your art and you will be feeling and looking like me.