Thursday, 6 February 2014

I'm feeling militant.

I believe that theatre should be energised, exciting, an adventure. I believe that when the lights go down we should create a playground.
I believe that audiences want to travel with me, to escape their normal lives’ and join in my adventure. I believe that learning through art should be entertaining.I believe that we should inspire our audiences to make the world a better, kinder, stronger place.

I have put stories everywhere, in houses, in barns, in fields, shops, schools and a few theatres. I have inspired writers, educators and directors; I’ve put issues under the spotlight and educated many. I have teased audiences and turned my back on the system that creates mundane fodder. If you dare to ask an audience, to speak to them honestly you will be amazed where they want to go and what they want to see and feel. My story begins when the audience engages and it finishes years down the line.

Mark WhiteleyActor/Writer/Producer

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Maverick As Ever

If you have been around from the start of Hard Graft and seen the living room tour, the walk, the Polish Adventure, the charity shops and the old Redmayes and Todd shop we turned into the coolest place in Notts for a month, you'll know by now that I don't do things "normally". Normal is for everyone else, normal is for all those others. Don't get me wrong I like normal, it's comfortable, but I don't want to be it. You are like me, a maverick.

You know I am in love with stories, from sitting listening to my family tell of their adventures to blockbuster movies. Stories make us tick, God knew it with his Bible, then came the Quran (please, I don't know about the time line of religion, I'm just making a story comparison and I don't need a Jehad). We all love to hear, read, watch and immerse ourselves in stories. Stories teach and entertain, they excite, rouse and stir.

Let's break out together...

So, Mr. and Mrs. Maverick, this is the first part of a long adventure that I'm about to embark on and I need your help. I need your stories.

If you don't send me them all this will come to nought, so please take 5 minutes and send me your tales.

I can read stories if you Facebook or email me
You could send a video or a voice recording or you can PHONE in your Fables - 0161 652 6026

Could be work related. I was told a story about a lad with learning difficulties who locked the meter reading man in the cellar as he thought he was an Hobbit.

Personal stories. I know a couple who separated for a month because neither had ever experienced another partner. The plan was a month of complete freedom then get married.

My youth. I went on the run from the Police for 24 hours after I was ordered to appear as a witness in court.