Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Keep your Spirits up

Have you ever seen a ghost?  The next time you’re with friends or family ask them if they have ever had anything a little mysterious or weird happen to them in their life.  Ask if they have ever caught a glimpse of something in the corner of their eye and when they turn to look there is nothing there.

Twelve months ago amateur ghost hunter and professional storyteller Mark Whiteley started work collecting ghost stories in and around Oldham, he delved into books, local libraries and fished through back catalogues of the Oldham Chronicle to build up a 90 minute ghost adventure around the town.

“When I first started I had a few stories” Mark explained “ The ghost caught on video in the Butterflies nightclub or the gruesome tale of Mary Berry our own serial killer, but the best stories always come from my audiences”.  The walk breaks for an interval in the bar Jackson’s Pit (there’s a old man’s spirit in the back room) and that’s where the audience have a chance to tell their tales.  Past shocking stories include

§  The Ghost in the gents’ toilets in York.
§  Ted the Oldham council caretaker who stole all the keys.
§  The spirit of a dog who lived in a wardrobe in the spare bedroom.

At the beginning I always ask who believes in ghosts and maybe a couple of hands will dare volunteer, but by the end they will all admit to seeing those shadows in the corner of their eyes and one or two will disclose that they too have a ghost in the house.

Halloween Ghost walks for both kids and the brave, 12 walks over 2 nights and 40 scary stories of ghosts and ghouls.