Sunday, 24 January 2010

I went down to Manchester on Friday to say a quick hello and drop some things off for Hard Graft patron Amanda Holden. Amanda is in her fourth year of judging Britains Got Talent and by the number of paps outside waiting for a glimps of her they're doing rather well. Good luck Amanda.

Knife Edge - our next production had a brilliant reading last week at the Lowry. 25 industry friends (actors, writers, agents, directors and producers) came along to have a listen to what I've been writing for the last 6 months. I was bricking it! Adam Sunderland and the cast had worked their butts off to get it into shape and it was moving, funny, interesting and everything I want it to be with 3 months to go till D -Day. I have a feeling about this play, a deep sense that this is it, this is the one.

I'm also pleased that I've been asked by Reform Theatre Company (great company in Sheffield) to re-think Thick As Thieves. I can report that it's going very well indeed. You'll be able to see this one October and November 2010 in a theatre near you.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

knife point for knife edge.

Happy new year.

Hope you had a good Christmas? We're still digging out after the longest cold spell since the last one when the dinosaurs 'got it'.

I am bored with snow, with pushing cars and things being cancelled.

Any way thank you if you came to see the Elves and the Shoemaker we doubled last year's audience and look set to move next year's show to a 200 seater venue to keep up with demand. This week we had an extra performance in Helmsey North Yorkshire. We left Manchester at 7am because of the - 17 temperatures and arrived in Helmsey with more snow falling. there is no business like snow business. 2 shows later and we're driving home in treacherous conditions with a £1,500 insurance excess on the hire van down Sutton Bank.

Bloody bricking it! three actors in a van making life and death decisions based on how quick we'll get home (if you go round you add an hour on the journey). I'm still having flashbacks 4 days on.

Hard Graft Theatre Co. are having a rehearsed reading tomorrow with 4 actors at the Lowry of Knife Edge a new play I've been writing. It's a scary time for me, I've spent weeks alone thinking and writing this story only to have complete strangers have their say on my work.

wish me luck

Mark Whiteley