Wednesday, 17 June 2009

OK, OK, OK I made a copy of OK

My first appearance in OK Magazine. if you look at Lucy Jo Hudson & Alan Halsall's wedding pictures in this weeks OK about half way through is a photo of Amanda Holden dancing with Chris, her husband - look to the right of them and Jess and I are picture smooching.

Brilliant wedding. Probably one of the most "loved Up" weddings I've been to.

No one has noticed me though (to be fair I didn't notice Amanda Holden rang and told me.)

I forgot, when you go to an OK wedding they strip search you for mobile phones, cameras, lap tops or anything else that could record an image. they employ vast numbers of bouncers and elaborate schemes so as to keep the prying paps from glimpsing her dress or his suit. Buses ferried the congregation across Cheshire to the secret church only to be greeted by the entire village all eager to photo me and the members of Coronation Street. and then when ask to borrow my phone back to ring the kids a bouncers stands by your side to keep his eye on you.

fame, who'd have it?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

radio killed the video star

They say once bitten twice shy, but unfortunatly I didn't listen. A few months ago I was asked to do the Becky Want radio show on BBC Manchester with Dan as we were preparing for Poles Apart. Becky was really rude to Dan about his qualifications and as I remember Dan got really angry and vowed never to meet the woman again.
Cut to yesterday afternoon and I was invited once again to talk about my fame on her show, my wife told me I'd be stupid to go on again but me being me I tipped up again and low and behold she completly destroyed me and made me sound an arse. As I walked out of the bbc I was livid, swearing and cursing the woman, but now I've calmed down I think she's done me a favour. Yes I dislike the way she treated her 'guest' and yes I don't like sounding a prat, but this is a hard world I'm getting myself into to and I'll have to wise up quickly.

Great day apart from that I met with dentist Phil Broughton, actress Caroline Harding, and agents Georgina Andrew and Jane Hollowood

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Whiteley Gets Pissed and shows his knob at wedding

The hardest job about being famous is the amount of celebrity wedding one gets invited to. Next Saturday I'm off to Lucy Jo Hudson & Alan Halsall's wedding in Cheshire. So the question is, what do you buy the couple that have everything? I mean the last thing you need is OK magazine taking a picture of my Russel Hobbs teas maid and everyone knowing how tight I am. The other funny thing is how they list you in the magazine, you know Actress Amanda Holden or England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney or wannabe and bit part actor Mark Whitney (they're bound to spell my name wrong). As long as they don't list the parts I've played I'm laughing, imagine Policeman 2 in Heartbeat, the fat bloke that stood behind Kevin Wheatley in Peak Practice.

I've got lots of meetings this week for my Fame documentary, Casting Director, Agents, a Dentist and a photographer. I'm very excited. I'll let you know how it went as we go. right off to watch the Goonies with the lad see you.