Friday, 29 April 2016


Our New Podcast - about being homeless

Join Mark And Jo as they spout a load of ......

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Knife Crime.

Police recorded 26,370 knife offences in 2014/15. Yesterday I found out we didn't get an Arts Council grant to tour a play in youth zones in the North West about knife crime and gangs.

People who stab other people don't read flyers about not stabbing people. People who stab people don't wear stickers. People who stab people know that it's wrong and what the consequences of their actions may be, but they still choose to carry a blade.

We need to get them young.

If you have any money and you think this would be a good thing to do with young people give me a call 07956913666

Ghost Walks

I have written three ghost walks now, Oldham, Saddleworth and now Burnley.

This is how I do it.

  1. I usually go and visit the local reference library or museums and start to look for reported stories.  I would say 60% of the walks comes from local newspaper accounts.  From these stories we do our own enquiries about the people or the buildings involved and try and establish a story.  
  2. We ask local people if they have their own stories to tell.  These have come from many sources and their story always begins " I don't believe in ghosts, but..."  These have come from postal workers who saw a strange woman in a shop window, to a girl who had a strange experience on leaving an empty car park.
  3. A small percentage of the stories come from Psychics who will visit the walks and usually pick up other spirits present and tell another story. 
Then all you have to do is tell them, well.

A Ghostly Street we visit on a walk.